Monday, April 12, 2010


I've been on an adventure last few months. New country, new company, new home, in short a new life. It's all so new that anything familiar comforts me, reassuring me I haven't stepped onto a different planet. So I have been calling my old friends more often, reaching out more than I usually do, and hoping that they miss me, kind of !!

About the adventure, its been some ride. I am in the country I have wanted to be for the last several years. It's like a dream come true, even if I miss my old life. I have a new home, which is lovely and huge. Its the biggest apartment I have lived in so far, which means all the more room to dress it up. So I have been painting it colorfully, decorating it with imaginative decors, and building something which is more 'me' than I ever had.  I have eaten at so many wonderful restaurants ( ofcourse we won't discuss weight effects here), italian, japanese, thai, french, you name it, delicious, expensive places which I have now finally become fed up of. A good place to be I think. I have been meeting new people, different new people, from MBA's, to construction engineers, to business men's and stay at home wives. I have had a magical evening at a private event at the newly opened entertainment park, wonderful seats to the most happening theatrical event in town, almost killed myself climbing 500+ stairs to reach a local summit (only 163 mtrs :) and danced away at the local desi club.

I have a new swanky phone that I love, absolutely love. A TV which has been my dream TV for a while now, curtains that make me light up, and a beautiful carpet which I bargained hard for. Oh and I am living in sunshine. No more snow. Even if I miss the warm coffee on a cold day.

So its been good, yes yes I still complain, and miss my old life. But its been super, and I am grateful, deeply grateful. Hope the adventure continues.