Thursday, September 24, 2009


You know one of those fantasy conversations you keep having, well girls know what I mean. The ones where there is she said and he said, and then things magically work out just like we want them to with a lot of groveling from the 'he' involved. Well I was having one of those conversations in my head, and suddenly, the hypothetical me said something I didn't expect her to, something I wouldn't have in those circumstances. It fell into place. Answers came to me. And everything about that fantasy, the reason I wanted it to come true did not exist (well except the part where I had this amazing dress on, and looked awesome, and everyone knew me this really hot place, oh well! )

I now know what writers mean when they say characters have a mind of their own, in this case it seemed even the fantastical me had a mind of her own. I wish more characters would speak to me.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Here and There

Last few months, fun, not so much fun! A exciting sudden trip to Thailand, a painful trip to India ( tooth extraction) and a landmark birthday. But lets not talk about that. I am trying to block the fact that I enter the third decade of my life with not much success under my belt. Its not exactly where I had imagined myself. So I am delaying the cake cutting process till I feel like I want to be 30. 

Things I miss about the US - a car, my friends, Waffle House, old hangouts, and fall season of American TV

Things I don't miss - paying the bills, visa hassles

Surprisingly I miss US more than I imagined I would. I am giving it a few more months.