Thursday, February 7, 2013

bad love poem

I don't want to stalk you, but I do
I don't want to know who you have added as friends
or the wonderful parties you have been to
But I hungrily walk down your timeline
and sift through your albums
for that one recent picture of you
which might show how you are doing
without me, without my voice, my presence
I don't want to speculate
if the pretty girl you have just added
Could be the reason you choose to elevate
your relationship status
I don't want to know the music you listen to
Just in case I loop it on my Ipod
And I certainly don't want to read the jokes you share
As I will find them funny at first,
but tears will follow soon after
And yet its not right to unfriend you
Because that's what you are after all
A friend. nothing more
perhaps just an acquaintance now
Even if all my actions
reflect post breakup blues
I don't want to love you
Yet, all evidence suggests I do


Wanderer said...
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Wanderer said...

Been ages since I read your blog... very happy to see you again! :)

Menagerie said...

hey there Lovemarks! I know its been so looong! Blogging has taken a backseat! How have things been with you?